The Complete Multimedia Studio

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   My name is Adrian Niculescu and this is my Sky-Recordings Studio site. My recording studio endever started back in 2007 but I was building home recording setups even way before that. Feel free to check out my "Studio History" page if you want to find out more about my old studio setups.

 I belive that my unique experience, background and multimedia knlowledge makes Sky-Recordings Studio an unique experience for all  my clients and collaborators.

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Why "The Complete Multimedia Studio"?

I belive that in today's day and age you have to offer the complete package to your audience or your clients, no matter what your domain is. I belive that audio and visual art have to exist together to create a compeling package. To put it simply into prospective, if you are a musician, in addition to your great music you will jhave to have a picture to promote your unique style on social media and a video to showcase your act as a performer as well. If you produce video, you will need adeqvate music to create a compeling experience.