About me

I started out as a seasoned violinist since 2000, I transitioned from classical training to crafting original songs, which gained radio recognition in 2008. Venturing into the realms of recording and production, I established my own studio, expanding to cover photo shoots and music videos at the request of satisfied clients. With a diverse portfolio spanning TV, indie projects, and commercials, I've collaborated across genres, providing audio expertise for live acts, facilitating home studio setups, and mentoring aspiring musicians.

My commitment to each and every one of my clients is to finish each project on time and within the client's budget. I work while the clients is in the studio to make sure that each step of the process follows their vision, avoiding miss-communication issues present in so many other similar situations. I am permanently learning and exploring new ways of implementing the latest AI and VR technology into the client's projects.

“I'm so grateful to Sky-Recordings Studio for the exceptional services! This is a complete multimedia studio that exceeded my expectations. The staff was professional and talented, my project came to life. Thank you for making my experience truly remarkable!”

— Sophia Brown